A. Deep Cleaning Services Customer Care

We at A. Deep Cleaning Services always have the customer’s best interests in mind throughout all of the cleaning work that we do. A. Deep Cleaning Services will consistently deliver our Kitchen Deep Cleaning and Kitchen Ventilation Services to the highest possible standards. We fully understand the requirements of your Kitchen and Food Preparation Businesses Hygiene both from legal and economic viewpoints. We work with you to deliver our services when and how you need them.

To maintain our high standards in Kitchen Cleaning and Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning and Maintenance we:-

  • Identify and document the exact requirements of the cleaning service necessary. We work to industry and legal standards, provide thorough material specifications, identify kitchen and ventilation cleaning chemical requirements and identify what needs to be provided to deliver you with proper kitchen hygiene and certification.
  • We will provide our Deep Cleaning Services to suit the organisational operations and opening hours of your catering business.
  • We will identify and provide any resources that are required. For example, the fitting of ducting inspection hatches.
  • We will identify and provide any training that is required.
  • If specialized goods or materials are required to deliver out Kitchen and Ventilation Industrial Cleaning we will strive to deliver these within the required turnaround.
  • We will identify whether there are any specific legal or regulatory requirements? For example, we will identify any Health and Safety standards and certification requirements.

When planning the kitchen deep clean we will take into account:

  • Your required delivery time and dates.
  • Cleaning product verification and standards requirements for the job at hand.
  • Which resources, staff and equipment are need to do the commercial kitchen cleaning.
  • Whether specialized footwear, uniforms and cleaning chemicals need to provided.

The following industrial cleaning standards are always applied:

  • The Health and Safety to both staff and public is constantly monitored
  • High Working Standards will constantly be observed and maintained
  • Our staff will always be polite and deal with you with respect.
  • Our staff and management will co-operate an all aspects of the Kitchen Deep cleaning service
  • We will monitor for non-conformances and rectify these immediately.


All of our Kitchen and Ventilation Cleaning staff are highly trained and very experienced with many years of commercial cleaning from within the catering industry.